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The Foreign Language Transition Classes (FLTC) is a program designed to facilitate and support the transition of newly arrived students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds to the Lexington School and the US. These students may have had little or no schooling or have attended a school program for the Deaf in their country of origin.
Initially, students are placed in self contained classes, with a particular focus on the development of face-to-face communication and literacy skills, as well as addressing cultural similarities and differences between school and home. Instruction in the content areas is one of the ways these skills and issues are addressed. Each student's home language and culture are supported through the instructional program, as well as through the use of bilingual/ bi-cultural personnel. Students attend respective department functions such as assemblies and special events in order to have common experiences with their peers and to develop an understanding of the school program, beyond their own classes. 
As students acquire skills and strategies that will support their learning outside of the FLTC program, they may be integrated on a part time basis for various subjects and then transferred on a full time basis into one of the departments in the school. The average stay in the program is two years. However, students have been fully integrated after one year or less, or they may stay as many years as necessary.