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Lexington Alumni Association (LAA)

Contact Information:
The Lexington Alumni Association
c/o Lexington School for the Deaf
26-26 75th Street
Jackson Heights, New York 11370

Interim Lexington Alumni Association Board
President: James Ginnis
Vice-President: Melissa Vigilante, '91
Secretary: Jane Moran, '84
Treasurer: Steven Schneiderman, '98
Assistant Treasurer: Sharon Antal
Athletic Director: Nicholas Pucciarelli, '02
Board Members: Donna DiMarco, '79
Barbara Fleitman, '73
Denise Horner, '84
Patricia Johnson, '64
Patricia McKenzie, '95
Sujeiry Meregildo, '04
Roberta Noddin, '68
Fran Pollick
Alexandria Pucciarelli, '05
Stacie Stelmach, '90

The official name for the Alumni Association of Lexington School for the Deaf is Lexington Alumni Association and its abbreviated form is LAA and Lex Alumni.

The Lexington Alumni Association (LAA) will serve as the liaison between the Lexington School for the Deaf and its alumni. In doing so, LAA will help coordinate announcements, facilitate planning of various major events held by Lexington, keep track of the whereabouts of our alumni, and recognize their accomplishments and service to the community.

LAA will also serve current students at Lexington who will become our future alumni, by promoting leadership development, providing scholarships, being a sponsor when needed, and fostering a sense of Lexington pride which will enable us to produce future members suitable to continue the function of LAA.

Active membership shall be open to any deaf person who has graduated from or attended the Lexington School for the Deaf for at least one full school year.

The Lexington Alumni Association are always in need of volunteers for events and functions at Lexington School for the Deaf. If you are interested to volunteer, please contact us. We encourage you to join and be a part of the Lexington Alumni Association!