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School Mental Health Services

Mission Statement:

Lexington School Mental Health Team aims to provide supportive counseling, consultation and services to the linguistically, racially and ethnically diverse Lexington students, their families, staff and the community at large. 


Vision Statement:

Our vision is to contribute to a school setting where we address the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students to allow them to soar as productive members of society.


School Mental Health Team (SMHT)


  •       Serves as liaison between the school and SMHT
  •       Supervises staff on SMHT
  •       Coordinates program and services
  •       Consults with administrative and educational staff


School Counselors / Social Workers
  •       Provide individual counseling as mandated on the IEP for students, ages 3-21 years old
  •       Provide counseling and support on as needed basis
  •       Keep up to date charts for assigned caseload
  •       Provide family counseling on an as needed basis
  •       Facilitate psychoeducational and therapeutic groups
  •       Consult with educational staff
  •       Write Mental Health Evaluations and Social Histories for referrals
  •       Evaluate psychiatric emergencies (suicide evaluations)
  •       Participate in team meeting and in service trainings
  •       Provide information for entitlement services
  •       Work in collaboration with the school to develop and modify program
  •       Collaborate with community agencies


Counseling (mandated on the IEP)
Support service offered to Lexington students
Collaborate with students, families, school staff, and mental health professionals to identify problems which affect the child’s functioning


Short-term Counseling
8-10 weeks sessions


Social Services
Advocacy and referral service provided to assist students and their families in receiving entitlements
Additional services are provided as mandated by state law, professional code of ethics, and Lexington School policy


Collaborative service with Mental Health perspective shared with teaching and administrative staff