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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Lexington School for the Deaf. Our team is comprised of supervisors, teachers, specialists, instructional assistants, related services staff, interpreters and office staff who are committed to the welfare and education of each one of our students.


It is the goal of the staff at Lexington to work and create a rich learning environment for all students.  Student success is a shared responsibility between the school staff, students and parents.


I am delighted to announce that Lexington School is introducing Thinking Maps to our classroom teaching model. We have just started and are in Phase I of a three Phase roll-out. Thinking Maps are eight visual patterns designed for students to use in order to learn and retain information.  The brain’s ability to learn is enhanced through the process of gathering and packaging information in a visual, memorable and concise way.  The great benefits of using the Thinking Maps are:


Providing a common language for all students, and teachers, school-wide.


Thinking Maps can be applied across all subjects and grade-levels.


Thinking Maps lead to meaningful, memorable, and focused learning.


Thinking Maps provide the necessary tools and strategies for life-long learning.


When different Thinking Maps are used simultaneously, students have the ability to delve deeper for a more complex and comprehensive learning experience on a given topic/subject. The result is increased effectiveness and feelings of success.


Lexington School for the Deaf is a place filled with rich heritage, culture and pride.  It is a school where our students learn about themselves, about the world, and about deafness.  As our students grow, our hope for them is that they enter society as independent thinkers with a background rich with knowledge of education, deaf culture and a sense of self.  


With pride,

Jane Moran